A history of innovation

A history of innovation

All our brands have at different times been pioneers in launching and creating products.

  1. 1970-1980

    The first specific Active Dry Yeast (ADY), INRA-Colmar selection, for the production of aromatic white wines is launched in France.

  2. 1972

    The GYROPALETTE® is created

  3. 1982

    The OENOTILUS, an internal aphrometer

  4. 1983

    Launch of the first gum arabic of Seyal and Verek origin

  5. 1985

    GELISOL®, a pioneer in the development of a specific fining range (gelatine)

  6. 1988

    Forerunner in the selection of enzymatic activities in oenology

  7. 1989

    Launch of the first agglutinating yeast, CIVC selection, in the form of an ADY

  8. 1990

    MOSALUX®, SITEVI gold medal, a device for quantifying the foaming properties of wines

  9. 1990-2000

    Development of yeast ranges in collaboration with French research institutes (IFV, SICAREX)

  10. 2005

    ProVgreen, launch of the first pea protein product range

  11. 2008-2012

    Launch of the VIALATTE FERM® range, a new generation of yeast for the 90th anniversary of the MARTIN VIALATTE® company

  12. 2015

    Launch of the DIWINE® project: a patented concept, worldwide exclusivity after 10 years of research

  13. 2017

    KTS® FLOT — Launch of the first 100% plant-based alternative to gelatine

  14. 2017-2018

    Antartika® range: a new generation of tartaric stabilisers based on a new biopolymer authorised by the OIV and a plant polysaccharide

  15. 2018

    New DIWINE® products for the production of red wine:

    Launch of the KYLMA® range: new-generation liquid solutions for total and lasting tartaric stabilisation.

  16. 2019

    New KYLMA® dedicated to the stabilisation of rosé and white wines

  17. 2019


  18. 2020

    New ANTARTIKA® DUO to complete the
    ANTARTIKA® range

  19. 2020

    Launch of SELECTYS® THIOL yeast from the SELECTYS® programme after 3 years of
    genetic identification studies

  20. 2021

    For SOEC®’s 50th anniversary,
    creation of the 1971 yeast

  21. 2022

    100 years of the MARTIN VIALATTE® brand

    The VIALATTE FERM® range has been expanded to include 3 new strains:
    W58 to enhance terpene aromatic expression,
    R26 to work with contemporary Syrahs, and
    HD18, an all-purpose strain for difficult fermentation and high alcohol content.


  22. 2023

    80 YEARS of the OENOFRANCE® brand
    Launch of PHYLIA® ICONE: mannoproteins from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
    Launch of SPECTRA® THIOL: specific enzyme to release thiol precursors