The SOFRALAB® GROUP is built around important values that enable sustainability, stability and trust-based relationships to prevail, both internally and externally.


Quality Policy


Innovation en œnologie dans la cave expérimentale de SOFRALAB

Innovation is the keyword at SOFRALAB®

Being a leader means being a driving force in development, constantly creating so as to remain as close as possible to the customer and to meet market expectations

Politique de qualité dans les vignes ensoleillées de SOFRALAB - Innovation et produits oenologiques

Quality policy

A company’s competitiveness is based on its ability to satisfy its stakeholders’ requirements, particularly those of its customers. It must ensure that it complies with current regulations and anticipates future requirements and needs.

It is with this in mind that SOFRALAB® has, through its brands MARTIN VIALATTE®, ŒNOFRANCE® and STATION ŒNOTECHNIQUE DE CHAMPAGNE®, built its development in the field of oenology based on a dynamic and innovative QID & GO strategy: Quality, Innovation and Differentiation.

Our aims

  • Ensure that our customers are satisfied and that their requirements are met in keeping with our strategy
  • Strengthen our partnerships with our suppliers
  • Respect and get involved in legal and regulatory developments concerning our activities
  • Voluntarily reinforce our quality requirements by implementing the new version of ISO 22 000
Campus Montagnac : Pôle Vins Tranquilles - Bouteilles de vin dans le laboratoire SOFRALAB

Our teams

The third key pillar that makes up SOFRALAB®’s DNA and the very essence of what constitutes an enterprise:
A staff of 190 dedicated to the love of wine and passionate about oenology.
Unique expertise that is passed down from generation to generation, from the oldest to the youngest, year after year.
SOFRALAB® advocates ongoing training for its staff in order to make the most of each individual’s richness and to keep evolving internally.

It is a team formed by a variety of professionals with different profiles, enabling us to create an excellent combination of skills. This is THE wealth of SOFRALAB®.