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Laboratoire d'analyse et conseil œnologique OENOFRANCE

OENOFRANCE® has been rooted in the history of oenology for more than 80 years. It was created in 1943 of the will of two men, Mr Dardant and Mr Tournel. This history has enabled us to build a strong brand that constantly innovates and works closely with oenologists in the field.

Located in the heart of the vineyards, OENOFRANCE® offers a laboratory service for analyses and oenological consulting. Joining together 11 agencies or laboratories, we conceive and design oenological products in response to the issues encountered in the field. The expertise, listening skills and support of OENOFRANCE® oenologists combined with the technical and research skills of our chemists/experts enable us to offer complete, accurate monitoring.

In particular, we assist winegrowers, cooperative cellars and merchants. In France, over 100 distributors trust in our group.

Some of our laboratories are accredited by COFRAC (French Accreditation Committee) and also participate in inter-laboratory control.

Some of our history

A true forerunner 50 years ago, OENOFRANCE® proposed the first active dry yeast specifically for the production of aromatic white wines. In 1981, we produced the first enzymatically hydrolysed gelatines, with controlled molecular pea proteins. We contributed to the development of freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria, and were pioneers in the selection of enzymatic activities in oenology.

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