From vine to wine

Accompagnement oenoterris dans les vignes agro-oenologie raisonnée

OENOTERRIS® is a personalised support approach that offers reasoned programmes from the vine to the wine. It uses tools that activate the key levers identified in the vineyard and the cellar in order to provide a precise response to today’s oenological challenges.

Adapted to the colours of the varieties that are grown and vinified, our White, Rosé, Red and Sparkling Programmes are available for our two brands, OENOFRANCE® and MARTIN VIALATTE®.

Reasoned agro-oenology, an innovative concept

Directly impacted by climate changes such as rising temperatures and the number of climate-related accidents, early vine development and harvests, and the acid/alcohol imbalance in wines, today’s viticulture and vinification techniques are required to evolve in this context to better meet consumer demands.

Reasoned agro-oenology seeks to provide better analysis and understanding of such issues in order to promote diversity and the “right” choice of technological itineraries from the vine to the bottle, while preserving the quality of the wines.

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Recherche et développement Oenoterris

Some of our history

OENOTERRIS® is the result of 5 years of research and development on grapevine nutrition and stimulation programs, as well as Decision Support Tools for the management of must fining programs in wine cellars. It marks a turning point in the history of the SOFRALAB® Group, who aims to respond in an innovative way to the oenological challenges of the present and of the future.

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